Skiing & Snowboarding Accident Lawyers

British Columbia is home to several great mountains for skiing and snowboarding. Unfortunately, significant injuries can be challenging when they occur to children who are still developing. This can make it difficult to know what the long-term effects of various injuries will be and how this will impact a child’s life and ability to earn income going forward.

As with other activities, injuries can occur from time to time. However, just because someone is injured, does not necessarily mean you have a claim against them. In order to have a claim you need to show that one party’s negligence or carelessness lead to the injuries.

Examples of the negligence that can lead to skiing or snowboarding injuries are:

  • losing control over yourself or your equipment
  • Stopping for no reason without warning to those behind you
  • Hitting someone ahead of you when they were there to be seen
  • Not yielding to a skier or snowboarder who has the right of way

The general rule is that people ahead of you on a ski trail have the right of way and it is your responsibility to avoid them. If someone hits you from behind and injures you, they are more than likely at fault for the accident.

If someone’s negligence on a ski hill results in injuries to you, you will have a claim against them. Often homeowners insurance will cover the damages from skiing and snowboarding accidents, but you usually have to start a lawsuit against the ski hill in order to get all the information you need to pursue your claim.

If you’ve been injured due to someone’s negligence while skiing or snowboarding, call the lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP.