Lawyers for Life Insurance Claim Denials

Many people pay into insurance plans to ensure they are financially secure in the case of unexpected illness or injury.  One of the most important types of insurance in this regard is life insurance.  Life insurance is one of the only types of insurance that is paid into, not for the future possible benefit of the insured, but for the benefit of that insured’s named beneficiaries.  These named beneficiaries are often close family or loved ones of the insured that they want to ensure are financially cared for in the event of their passing.

The very nature of life insurance policies is what makes it even more difficult when a loved one passes, and their life insurance claim is wrongly denied.  At a time when you should be allowed to focus on mourning the passing of a loved one, you are left with mounting bills and having to navigate the life insurance claim by yourself.  This is where the lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP can help.  We have over 30 years of experience in fighting insurance companies to make sure our clients get a fair deal.

Group vs. Personal Life Insurance Policies

Generally speaking, there are two forms of life insurance policies, group policies and personal policies.

Group life insurance policies are often pre-packaged insurance policies that are given as part of an incentive or remuneration package as part of a person’s employment.  These insurance packages usually contain a pre-arranged policy for health coverage, long-term disability coverage, and life insurance coverage, as between and employer on behalf of their employees and an insurance company.  Group policies are unique amongst insurance products as the insurer takes on the risks of coverage without a medical examination or independent interview for each individual covered under the policy.  Due to this group policies often have clauses limiting their liability for pre-existing medical issues, which can be a common cause of denials of life insurance benefits under group policies.

Another type of life insurance policy is the personal policy.  These policies are entered into after the individual seeking coverage answers specific questions about their personal and medical history and often after a paramedical examination is completed.  These policies are usually for larger amounts of coverage than you can obtain in a group policy and the most often reason personal life insurance policies are denied are misrepresentation or fraud.

What To Do When Your Life Insurance Claim Is Denied?

Unlike other insurance claims, like long-term disability or critical illness insurance, when life insurance claims are denied there is often little point in attempting to argue your case to the insurer who has denied the claim.  The beneficiaries who have the standing to start a lawsuit over the claim are not the insurance companies’ client’s and there is not the same leverage to exert over the claim. Usually, the best advice is to start a lawsuit to enforce your entitlements right away.

The Issue of Standing

Often when life insurance claims have been denied you will need documentation regarding the deceased to help assist your claim and convince the insurance company to pay the benefits they owe.  This can be difficult if the beneficiary or another who is willing to help does not have standing with respect to the deceased’s estate.

There are a few ways to have standing to deal with the insurance company on behalf of a deceased, or to make requests of a deceased’s medical or other records.  The easiest way is if you or another has been appointed as an executor of the estate.  Another is if there is a will in place that nominates you as a representative of the estate.

Issues of standing can be difficult however an experienced insurance denial lawyer can assist you with this.

Making Sure You Get A Fair Deal

Taylor & Blair LLP has been fighting insurance companies for over 30 years to ensure our clients get the insurance benefits they are entitled to.  If your life insurance benefits claim has been denied our insurance denial lawyers will make sure that the insurance company pays you what you’re owed.

If you have a claim for denied life insurance benefits, contact us today as there are strict timelines in which you have to act.