For many matters the initial phone consultation and first visit is free.  Depending on the type of legal issue you have and the complexities and risks involved, the lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP offer a variety of fee structures.

Contingency fee

A Contingency fee is a fee made out of a percentage of the money the client obtains in a claim.  No fees will be charged until your case is settled or you receive a judgement.  As the value of your claim goes up our fee percentage goes down.

Hourly Fee

Under the hourly fee structure client’s are advised of the lawyers hourly rate at the beginning of the relationship and client’s are billed on an hourly basis for their time, including time spent preparing documents, engaging in research, dealing with opposing counsel, appearing in court or anything else relating to your legal issue.

Fixed fee

Fixed fee agreements have one up front cost for all work relating to your legal matter. This type of fee agreement is usually used with respect to contracts or specific one time legal services.

For our fee structure relating to your legal issue, please give us a call.