Taylor & Blair LLP started out dealing exclusively with Personal Injury claims.  While we currently practice in other areas of law as well as Personal Injury, we still maintain a keen focus on Personal Injury law.

Over the years we have dealt with all kinds of personal injury actions, from slip and falls, occupiers liability, professional negligence, dental and health care negligence, animal attacks and dog bites, skiing accidents and many other types of serious accidents.

You can read more about our areas of expertise here  

You can read more about our areas of expertise here

What Compensation Is Available For Personal Injury Claims?

Because the facts and circumstances surrounding each case are different, each case is unique and requires careful handling and expert examination. As some of the most experienced personal injury lawyers in Vancouver, we have over 30 years of experience handling all kinds of injuries ranging from minor whiplash cases to serious brain injuries.  What each case is worth and what compensation you’re entitled to depends on the specific facts of the case.  However, generally speaking in personal injury claims you can seek compensation (also called damages) for:

An experienced personal injury lawyer can examine your claim and explain what compensation you’re entitled to an why.

What To Do If You Have Been Injured In An Accident?

While a good lawyer can help make sure you get the best result out of your personal injury claim, it always helps if you take the right steps from the beginning.

The most important thing is to take photographs or videos of the accident scene if your injuries allow you to do so.  Photographic and video evidence is hard to dispute and with almost everyone have a phone in the pocket that can capture not only photographs and videos, but meta data showing the exact time and place those photographs and videos were taken, this evidence can be invaluable to your claim.

Another important step is to get names and contact information of any independent witnesses.  The Court system recognizes that there is a financial interest in both the injured and the accused in personal injury claims to have the case settle in their favour, that’s simply the nature of the area of law.  Due to this the Courts greatly favour evidence of independent witnesses who don’t stand to benefit one way or another in the claim.

It is also important to keep track of any money you spend because of the accident, whether it is for medical treatment, to replace broken or damaged personal possessions, to hire someone to assist with household chores because your injuries prevent you from doing those takes, or for anything else related to the accident so we can claim these for you at the end of your claim.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is do not say anything to the insurance adjuster and absolutely do not sign anything.  They are not there to help you.  Their job is to try to lower their insurance company’s exposure and minimize what you are entitled to.

Time Limits Apply

We work hard to resolve cases through negotiation and mediation and have successfully represented injury victims in cases involving the BC Provincial Court, BC Supreme Court, the BC Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Canada.  

It’s important to know that time limits apply to your personal injury claim and if you fail to start a lawsuit in time you may be barred by statute.

If you’ve suffered a personal injury due to negligence contact the lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP today.