Pharmacy Negligence Lawyers

Like any medical specialist a pharmacist owes their patients a duty of care.  While a pharmacist’s job may seem straightforward, if a prescription error occurs there can be serious ramifications.  Pharmacies have a high number of patients and prescriptions filled daily and like any other area, human error can occur. 

Causes of Prescription Mistakes

Prescription mistakes can occur in many ways, including

  • a patient receiving the wrong prescription
  • a patient receiving an incorrect dosage
  •  incorrect labelling of a prescription 
  • incorrect instructions regarding when and how much of the medication to take
  • failure to investigate what other medications a patient may be taking the potential side effects or reactions that could occur with a new prescription
  • failure to investigate a patient’s allergies 
  • miscommunication between the prescribing doctor and the pharmacists
  • failure to counsel the patient about how to take a prescription and the potential effects

Pharmacist negligence can be especially impactful because often the patient takes the medication they have been prescribed for lengthy periods and does not realize an error has been made until they develop symptoms.  The patient poisons themselves over time thinking they are making themselves healthier, not realizing that they are only making things worse.  

Medical Issues Caused by Pharmacist Negligence

Pharmacist negligence can cause a number of medical issues including:

  • worsening of the condition the medication was initially prescribed for 
  • causing new illnesses or infections
  • overdose
  • allergic reaction
  • neurological injury
  • cognitive difficulties
  • depression and anxiety
  • internal bleeding
  • brain damage
  • stroke
  • seizures
  • organ failure
  • loss of vision
  • wrongful death

Proving that the negligence of a pharmacist caused your injuries can be difficult and often requires evidence from expert medical witnesses.  Our lawyers have a large network of medical professionals that help us prove your claim and get you the compensation you are entitled to.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to pharmacy negligence and prescription error, contact the lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP today.

What Compensation Is Available For Pharmacist Negligence Claims?

Because the facts and circumstances surrounding each case are different, each case is unique and requires careful handling and expert examination. As some of the most experienced personal injury lawyers in Vancouver, we have over 30 years of experience handling all kinds of injuries ranging from minor whiplash cases to serious brain injuries.  What each case is worth and what compensation you’re entitled to depends on the specific facts of the case.  However, generally speaking in personal injury claims you can seek compensation (also called damages) for: