Lawyers for Critical Illness Insurance Claim Denials

Critical Illness insurance is an insurance product that provides coverage to an insured when an unexpected illness strikes.  The cost for critical illness coverage is generally relatively low, however the policies usually only pay out a set lump sum amount.  While these monies are meant to help offset the cost of medical care, including non-traditional care and critical services that aren’t otherwise readily available, as well as non-medical expenses like daily living expenses (rent, bills, etc.), childcare, and transportation and housing cost, if coverage is found to be in place the benefits are awarded almost always in a one-off lump sum payment and is usually tax free.

The very reason people pay for critical illness insurance is to provide a financial “safety net” for when an unexpected illness strikes.  It can be devastating to a person and their family to have this safety net pulled out from under them when their critical illness insurance claim is denied.  Fortunately, the lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP have significant experience in dealing with denied critical illness claims and in making sure insurance companies pay the benefits our clients are entitled to under their insurance policies.

What Types Of Illnesses Are Covered By Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical Illness insurance does not cover every and any illness that could befall someone.  The illness needs to fit within the defined definition of the term “illness” in the policy and often needs to be specifically listed as a covered illness if you expect to receive coverage.

Some examples of the conditions that can be covered by Critical Illness Insurance policies are:

These are just some examples of the conditions that can be covered by critical illness policies.

Denied Critical Illness Claims

It is important to keep in mind that the policy wording is important for every critical illness insurance claim.  Just because one type of cancer is covered under the terms of the policy doesn’t mean all cancers will be.  Not only is having the right type of illness important to trigger coverage, but there may be other qualifying language in the policy that you need to be aware of.  Some policies require symptoms to be active for a set amount of time, or a requirement for how long an insured has to suffer from an illness before coverage is in effect.

As with all types of insurance there are often denials of coverage for critical illness insurance benefits.  What makes critical illness insurance denials unique is that often the denial is based purely on the interpretation of the wording of the policy.  Does the illness meet the specific definition of the illnesses covered?  Medical science often lacks the precision in their definitions which is required to satisfy coverage under policy language and insurance companies will take any ambiguity in a diagnosis or definition to deny legitimate critical illness insurance claims.

Making Sure You Get A Fair Deal

Taylor & Blair LLP has been fighting insurance companies for over 30 years to ensure our clients get the insurance benefits they are entitled to.  If your Critical Illness insurance benefits claim has been denied our insurance denial lawyers will make sure that the insurance company pays you what you’re owed.

If you have a claim for denied critical illness insurance benefits, contact us today as there are strict timelines in which you have to act.