Taylor & Blair LLP Listed as Top 10 Personal Injury Lawyers

Taylor & Blair LLP are proud to have been chosen for first place in Strictly Canadian’s “The Top 10 Personal Injury Lawyers in Vancouver [2023 Rankings]”.  Strictly Canadian is a website that brings together journalists, researchers, and featured writers to provide information on the service providers, business, news and lifestyle for all Canadian markets.  

While the focus of the firm was originally personal injury law, over the years Taylor & Blair LLP has evolved as a law firm and moved into the areas of insurance denial, employment law and elder law, as well as continuing to be a leading firm in the area of personal injury.

Taylor & Blair LLP was founded by Graham Taylor and Kevin Blair.  Originally starting their legal careers as crown prosecutors, Graham and Kevin eventually moved their area of practice into personal injury, working with a leading firm in Continue reading

Dental Malpractice

Taylor & Blair LLP was recently featured on Clearway Law discussing Dental Negligence.

In today’s day and age the practice of dentistry is a competitive one, with more dentists clinics than ever before.  In an area where once you’d find one dental clinic you now find many.  With the large start up costs for dental offices, these dentists need to get the client’s in and make the money necessary to pay down those costs.  Unfortunately, this can result in dental malpractice claims.

Types of Dental Negligence

There are numerous types of dental malpractice however they can usually be broken up into two areas.  The first is financially motivated malpractice.  The second is malpractice occurred by negligence.

An example of financially motivated malpractice is when a dentist strays into the area of a specialist and attempts to do orthodontic or periodontic work so they can bill for procedures and not have Continue reading

Taylor & Blair LLP Featured On CTV News

Taylor & Blair LLP was pleased to have one of our lawyers, Ben Tarnow, interviewed by CTV News for a story about his victory at the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal for our client “K”.

Human Rights Violation

As discussed in October 19, 2022 the decision of the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, K began his employment in 2013 and was by all accounts a model employee until his struggles with addiction started to overwhelm his life.  K was eventually diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder and a bipolar disorder.  K was open and honest with his employer and explained his medical diagnoses and he went on long-term disability in late 2017 and entered into a substance abuse program.

K worked hard to treat his dual diagnoses and eventually received medical clearance to return to work in May of 2018.

Accommodating A Worker Returning From Disability

The British Columbia … Continue reading

Expansion of Pharmaceutical Powers & Prescription Error

In an effort to address the ongoing issues with accessing healthcare in British Columbia, the provincial government has released its new strategy which includes, amongst other things, an expansion of what pharmacists are allowed to do in B.C..  Starting October 14th pharmacists will be allowed to administer and renew more prescriptions without consultation with a medical doctor.  By spring of 2023 B.C. pharmacists will also be able to prescribe medications for certain medical issues without the involvement of a medical doctor.

Expansion of Pharmacists’ Powers

This expansion of pharmacists’ powers has been enacted to address the unfortunate reality that for most British Columbians access to a family doctor on a timely basis, or at all.  In order to ensure patients are able to obtain prescriptions and renewals in a timely fashion, medical doctors have been cut out of the equation in some instances.  The question will be, does giving Continue reading