Accidents in a Rental Car

An accident in a rental car can be concerning as different insurance issues can arise. It is important to discuss the rental agreement with your car accident lawyers in Vancouver. There can be different insurance coverage amounts that should be investigated and confirmed.

As in any accident, you should first … Continue reading “Accidents in a Rental Car”

Rear end collision car accidents

Rear-end collisions are one of the most common kinds of collisions.  They are notorious for causing whiplash injuries which are an extension and flexion of the neck caused by whipping of the head when it is propelled forward by a car striking from the rear.  This action is thought to … Continue reading “Rear end collision car accidents”

Teen car accidents

In the driving world, teenagers have many factors working against them. Even when road conditions are ideal and other drivers are paying attention, accidents happen. As car accident lawyers in Vancouver, we suggest taking the following precautions.

Limit distractions. Put away the cell phones, don’t worry about your music, and … Continue reading “Teen car accidents”