Teen car accidents

In the driving world, teenagers have many factors working against them. Even when road conditions are ideal and other drivers are paying attention, accidents happen. As car accident lawyers in Vancouver, we suggest taking the following precautions.

Limit distractions. Put away the cell phones, don’t worry about your music, and focus on the road. Many automobile accidents are caused each year due to driving while distracted. With all of the other distracted drivers on the road, it’s your responsibility to pay attention while at the wheel.

Become familiar with your area. Even drivers who are completely free from distractions can get lost if they aren’t familiar with the roads they’re driving. If you are driving somewhere new, make sure you study the directions before you even get in the car, and keep a map handy in case you get lost. Of course, always pull over in a safe area before consulting your map.

Practice, practice, practice. It has been said that it takes 10,000 hours of practicing a skill in order to master it. The same holds true with driving. No one ever became an expert by watching or studying a skill; the greatest masters have gotten where they are by practicing—and your driving is no exception.

If you are in an accident, call the police immediately. Sometimes they won’t come if the accident does not sound serious to them.  If they don’t, you must supply the other person with your name address, plate number and driver’s license and you must get the same from them  .  Take a picture of the other person’s license plate and the damage to the vehicles.  If you can, move your vehicles to the side of the road for safety reasons before you gather the information. ONLY IF IT CAN BE DONE SAFELY, take photos of where the vehicles came to rest after the collision.

Sometimes, even in the best of circumstances, accident settlements are not resolved as quickly as they should be, and in those cases, it’s best to call one of our car accident lawyers in Vancouver. There are many car accident lawyers in Vancouver to choose from. We have more than 20 years experience and won’t collect money until you do.

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