Langley Personal Injury Lawyers

Taylor & Blair LLP is proud to have offices in Langley, British Columbia.  

We have served the residents of Langley and British Columbia for their personal injury claims for over 30 years and understand how stressful personal injury claims can be.  We are experienced in helping guide you through the process and ensuring you get a fair deal.  We have a network of local experts that can help prove your claim and our team will work hard for you and keep you informed throughout the process.

Langley Personal Injury Claims & Expected Compensation

In over 30 years of practice our Langley Personal Injury lawyers have experience dealing with all types of accidents and injuries.  You can see some of our specific areas of expertise here.

All Langley personal injury claims are different and what compensation (also called damages) you can claim depend heavily on the specific nature of your claim and injuries.  Generally speaking, you can claim compensation for the following areas in a personal injury claim:

  • Pain & Suffering (also called non-pecuniary damages)
  • Past Wage Loss 
  • Future Wage Loss
  • Loss of Capacity To Earn Income
  • Loss of Housekeeping Capacity
  • In-Trust Claims
  • Cost of Future Care
  • Out of Pocket Expenses (also called Special damages)

In some cases, like denied long-term disability benefits, the only compensation you can receives is the benefits you were entitled to under your insurance policy.

No two cases are ever alike when it comes to what the expected compensation will be.  If you want a free assessment of your claim contact one of our Langley personal injury lawyers today.

Langley Personal Injury Claims & Timelines

Langley personal injury claims are subject to very specific timelines in which you have to start a lawsuit.  The timelines you have to work under differ depending on the type of personal injury claim you have.  A claim for a slip and fall has different timelines than a claim against a municipality, and a claim for long-term disability depends on the specific contract.  Make sure you contact our Surrey personal injury lawyers to ensure you act in time. 

Consult a Langley Personal Injury Lawyer for Free

Your initial consultation with one of our Langley personal injury lawyers is free of charge.  In fact, your entire case will cost you nothing as we work on a contingency basis, so our fees are contingent on you getting an award.  You don’t pay any fees unless we get you a successful result. 

For a Langley personal injury lawyer that will work hard to ensure you get the compensation you are entitled to, contact the lawyers at Taylor & Blair today for a free claim assessment.