Intersection car accidents

Injury-causing intersection accidents happen for a variety of reasons.  The general term for what happens is that one driver fails to yield the right of way to the other.  Examples of failing to yield the right of way are: failing to stop at a stop sign, stopping at a stop sign but going before it is safe to do so, running a red or late yellow light, turning left on a green or early yellow light when there are approaching vehicles, among others.  If you have been in a car accident in an intersection, follow these steps suggested by your Taylor & Blair LLP experienced car accident lawyers in Vancouver:

  • If it is possible to do so safely, move your car out of the intersection.  If you remain in the intersection, there can be cars coming at you from all directions plus there is a good possibility your vehicle is not exactly in the lane it should be.  You want to minimize the danger of getting hit again so please move to a safe spot as soon as possible.
  • If anyone needs medical attention, call 911.  The ambulance and police will arrive shortly afterwards.
  • Police do not attend all accidents but if the police do attend, the officer should assist you and the other party in completing an accident report and exchanging relevant information.
  • If the police do not attend, it is up to you to get the name, address, and driver’s licence number and licence plate number of the other driver.  You can use your cell phone to take photos of the other driver’s information including licence plate number.
  • If you have a phone, you can use the phone to take pictures of damage to the vehicles.
  • Your safety and health are paramount.  If an ambulance attends to take you to the hospital, the police will also be there to gather the necessary information.  Sometimes the police will come to the hospital to give you the police report.  If they do not, you can request a copy after you get out.
  • Once you are home, you can phone ICBC and report the accident to their Dial-A-Claim number 604-520-8222.  After you have spoken to ICBC but before going to any appointments with ICBC, call Taylor and Blair, your local Vancouver car accident lawyers for further advice.  The call will cost you nothing.
  • Fault for intersection accidents is often controversial and injuries often result.  Taylor & Blair LLP can provide valuable help in having things resolved in your favour.

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