How to Find a Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer in Vancouver B.C.

It can be a difficult time in your life when you are personally injured from an accident caused by someone else. In addition to dealing with physical pain, medical appointments, and personal frustration about being unable to do activities you previously enjoyed, you may have financial difficulties of being unable to work, care for your family and home. Finding a skilled personal injury lawyer in Vancouver who will handle your case can lower your stress so you can focus on recovery.

What is a Skilled Lawyer?

Although all lawyers must go through vigorous training, conduct a year of articling, and pass the bar exam, not all lawyers are the same. A skilled lawyer for a personal injury case is one who focuses on personal injury law for their career instead of being a generalist who practices multiple areas of law. A skilled personal injury lawyer in Vancouver will stay current … Continue reading

Can You Be Held Responsible for Distracted Walking in British Columbia?

While Toronto City Council has passed a motion to encourage regulation of distracted walking, reports indicate that the BC Ministry of Transportation is not going down the same road. The Ministry of Transportation has declined to weigh in on the issue.

Pedestrian advocates argue that “at the gentle speed of a normal walking pace, we can afford to multitask, while at higher speeds, we can’t”. This is the rationale behind why distracted driving is prohibited in the BC Motor Vehicle Act, but has not been incorporated for distracted walking.

What is Distracted Walking? 

Distracted walking refers to walking while using a cell phone or mobile device for texting, web browsing, playing Pokémon Go, using applications, posting on social media, emailing, etc.

While distracted walking can refer to other distractions, such as reading or talking with friends and generally not looking where you are going, the growing trend in distracted … Continue reading

Avoid Common Longboarding Accidents and Injuries in Vancouver

Longboarding is one of the hottest ways to get around these days. Calgarian longboarder Brandon Harrison has contributed in popularizing the new sport with his reported cross Canada trek on his longboard to raise awareness and money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation.

While this sport’s growing popularity is a fun way to stay active and is helping Canadians raise money for good causes, the health, safety and legal aspects of longboarding should be taken into consideration before taking part. This blogpost will explain what longboarding is and will outline some of the risks associated with the sport. We will also discuss how B.C. courts have dealt with motor vehicle accidents involving longboards or similar devices in the past.

 What is Longboarding?

Longboarding is often grouped in with other forms of skateboarding, though it has some distinct characteristics. Some of these characteristics … Continue reading

Right Turns and Cyclists: Who Has the Right of Way in Surrey?

When the weather improves we will see more bicycles on the roadways. As the days get warmer and longer, cycling is an efficient, environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to the regular commute.

Vancouver and Surrey BC lawyers hear of many cycling accidents each year. For both cyclists and drivers, sharing the road can be challenging when the lanes are narrow and a cyclist is moving at a slower speed than the automotive traffic. Many drivers are often confused and caught off-guard when a bike appears in the side mirror. Who has the right of way when a cyclist proceeds straight through an intersection while a driver attempts to turn right?

Safety is the Primary Concern

Safety must always be the primary concern by both the car driver and the cyclist. Traffic is often stop-and-go in larger cities and in many situations cyclists will often approach or pass from behind cars … Continue reading

Conditions for Cycling Accidents in Vancouver

Each year many cyclists traveling Vancouver roads and are involved in car accidents. The majority of these accidents occur during the peak months of May through October, with 160 BC cyclists injured per month on average. Most cycling accidents are caused by drivers’ lack of awareness and failure to yield the right-of-way. Many motorists lack an awareness of cyclists, fail to accommodate for weather conditions, and fail to share the roadway.

Lack of Awareness of Cyclists

Motorists need to be aware of their surroundings at all times and keep a safe distance from other drivers as well as cyclists. Drivers often report their failure to see a cyclist as their reason for striking the cyclist, especially for accidents that occur in intersections, where approximately 60 percent of motorist-cyclist collisions occur.

Another frequent cycling accident occurs when a motorist or passenger, without looking, opens a vehicle door into the path of … Continue reading