Lawyers for Mortgage Protection Insurance Claims Denials

While it has been true for most of history, it is especially true in today’s market that for most people, their most expensive asset is their property.  Due to the cost of property today most people also have a large mortgage associated with their properties, sometimes with mortgages of over 6 figures.  Maintaining the monthly or yearly premium costs of mortgages can be significant and mortgage protection insurance is an insurance product that was created to specifically respond to this need in cases of unexpected injury, illness, or even death.

Mortgage protection insurance will, depending on the policy or the situation, pay monthly premiums to satisfy your mortgage payments if you are suffering from a disability due to injury or illness.  In cases of death mortgage protection insurance can also pay out the outstanding amount of a mortgage.  Practically speaking mortgage protection insurance can act like long-term disability payments or life insurance payments, with the significant difference being that it addresses the needs of your mortgage when disaster strikes. 

Denied Mortgage Protection Insurance Claims

Denied mortgage protection insurance claims can often be some of the most stressful to deal with because the very payment(s) that the policy was supposed to cover is often what is keeping a roof over a family’s head.  As such, these claims often need to be dealt with on an expeditated basis, if possible, to ensure that any shortfall under the mortgage is met as soon as possible. 

Often mortgage protection insurance is offered by a broker amid setting up your mortgage itself and is little more than an afterthought and a way for a broker to make a little more money off the deal by adding a further insurance product into the mix.  The result of this is often a failure for the broker to do the due diligence required of insurance brokers when seeking authority for coverage for an insured under a mortgage protection insurance policy.   

If your mortgage protection insurance has been denied the lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP can help.  If you feel the denial is based on the negligent actions of your insurance broker or agent, then you may have a cause of action against them in negligence.  The lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP are experienced in dealing with insurance broker or insurance agent negligence claims.

Making Sure You Get A Fair Deal

Taylor & Blair LLP has been fighting insurance companies for over 30 years to ensure our clients get the insurance benefits they are entitled to.  If your mortgage protection insurance benefits claim has been denied our insurance denial lawyers will make sure that the insurance company pays you what you’re owed.

If you have a claim for denied mortgage protection insurance benefits, contact us today as there are strict timelines in which you have to act.