Personal Injury

Personal Injury Lawyer in Vancouver B.C.

A personal injury is an injury caused to you by the negligence of someone else. The injury can be physical or psychological or both. It can be visible or invisible. It can be permanent or temporary. Negligence can be something someone did (run a red light) or something they didn't do that they should have (shovel their sidewalk). Since Taylor and Blair was founded in 1993, we have been helping our clients regain their footing both literally and figuratively through attaining the compensation that will help them recover from their losses. As some of the most experienced personal injury lawyers in Vancouver, we have decades of experience handling all kinds of injuries:

Personal Injury Lawyer in Vancouver B.C.

Since opening in 1993, the law firm of Taylor and Blair has helped to settle personal injury cases of all kinds. While many people think of personal injury cases as being restricted to car accidents and slips, a personal injury case can evolve any time a person (or their property) is damaged to the point of loss. Loss can include time lost (due to a physical recovery), cars and/or other property that are unable to be used because of the accident, and the loss of finances put toward recovery. Many of our clients have been injured in car accidents and most of these kinds of cases involve ICBC. Find out more about ICBC claims here.

Not all personal injury cases have to go to court to be resolved. In most cases, people who are injured can get fair and reasonable compensation by going through a negotiation process or a formal mediation. We can tell you more about these options, how they work and whether they might benefit you when we meet with you. Meeting with us to discuss your case and what you can do about your situation is free. For more information about a free meeting and consultation with some of the best personal injury lawyers in Vancouver, call or email us today.

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