Taylor & Blair LLP Listed as Top 10 Personal Injury Lawyers

Taylor & Blair LLP are proud to have been chosen for first place in Strictly Canadian’s “The Top 10 Personal Injury Lawyers in Vancouver [2023 Rankings]”.  Strictly Canadian is a website that brings together journalists, researchers, and featured writers to provide information on the service providers, business, news and lifestyle for all Canadian markets.  

While the focus of the firm was originally personal injury law, over the years Taylor & Blair LLP has evolved as a law firm and moved into the areas of insurance denial, employment law and elder law, as well as continuing to be a leading firm in the area of personal injury.

Taylor & Blair LLP was founded by Graham Taylor and Kevin Blair.  Originally starting their legal careers as crown prosecutors, Graham and Kevin eventually moved their area of practice into personal injury, working with a leading firm in the area.  Both Kevin and Graham developed a passion for helping British Columbian’s injured due to another’s negligence get fair compensation from insurance companies.  Eventually, in 1993 Kevin and Graham went out on their own and started Taylor & Blair LLP in Vancouver and, unlike many other personal injury firms, we dealt with all types of complex personal injury cases, not just motor vehicle claims.  Over the years Taylor & Blair LLP has grown and evolved and we now have 7 locations throughout the Lower Mainland to make it more convenient for our client’s to access our legal services.  We have locations in the following cities:

While Taylor & Blair LLP has moved into other areas of practice as well as continuing to help those with personal injury claims, we take the same approach to those areas of law as Graham Taylor and Kevin Blair did when they opened the firm 30 years ago.  We work hard to ensure that our client’s are kept up to date in plain language they understand and we work hard to ensure they get a fair deal at the end of the day whether their claim is in personal injury, long-term disability or life insurance denial or and employment or elder law matter.

If you have a personal injury claim Taylor & Blair LLP will represent you and give you the same quality of service that has kept us in business for over 30 years and won us the honour of being first in Strictly Canadian’s top ten personal injury lawyers for 2023.

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