Apps to Avoid Texting & Driving in Vancouver B.C.

Like many of our modern-day technologies, texting can be fun and useful. You can make plans with friends, keep in touch, and stay connected with the latest news. But, also like many modern-day technologies, texting has an appropriate time and place. Doing it behind the wheel is not one of these times or places. Read our blog for a list of responsible phone applications that can help your eyes on the road and avoid texting while driving.

What Risks Are Involved?

A minimal distraction time while texting and driving, is approximately 5 seconds. If you’re traveling at a speed of 90 K/h, you are essentially driving the length of a football field—blindfolded. In addition to putting your life in danger, you are also putting every other driver on the road and pedestrians around you in extreme danger.

Texting or phone usage behind the wheel falls into the category of distracted driving. While many distractions fit into this area, phone usage is fast becoming one of the worst offenders. In 2012, Texting while driving replaced drunk driving as the leading cause of accidents and deaths in teen drivers. And it’s not just a problem for teens, either. Up to 47% of adults have admitted to texting while driving.

So why is this dangerous trend so trendy? Many believe it’s because drivers don’t realize the real danger it causes. In truth, those who text and drive are 23 times more likely to get in a car accident than those who don’t text and drive. Ask yourself, are those chances you want to take in exchange for reading a text?

No One Wants the Result, so Prevent the Cause

Some people use self-control to resist the urge to check their phone while driving, but others need a little more help. If you are a parent of a text-eager teen of driving age or need help yourself, read on to discover which cell phone apps are best for avoiding distracted driving.

In British Columbia, using hand-held communication and entertainment devices while driving is $167 fine. Avoid risking lives and a ticket by using one or more of the following phone guard apps:


This app motivates drivers to keep their eyes on the road by rewarding uninterrupted driving with cash rewards. It also provides the most current texting and calling laws for your area. SafeCell disables phone, email, and texting capabilities in vehicles moving over eight km/h. The app rewards coupons in $5 increments up to $250 in savings per year.


This app also focuses on rewarding drivers who refrain from phone usage. The app rewards safe driving with points that you can redeem for gift cards and discounts in participating stores. DriveScribe will also keep track of your distance, common routes, average speed, and any violations you’ve received.

For those who have busy careers and need to stay connected during their commute, this app makes safe and informed driving possible. Instead of blocking messages, calls, and emails, reads your messages aloud. Drivers may also set a pre-set response or respond in the moment by voice to make the communication totally hands-free.


Using GPS to determine your vehicle’s speed, this app disables texting above 16 km/h. If you’re on a train, you may ask permission from the admin to override settings. Passengers may also respond to a text for you by the same process. Parents enjoy this app for their children because of its GPS capabilities, as well.


Much like other apps, this one disables texting upon sensing movement above 16 km/h. One small difference is that it lets you set multiple auto reply texts in advance. You can even change them as often as needed—as long as you’re not driving, that is.

Phone-Free Driving For All

Regarding concerned parents of driving-age teens, many of these apps will give you peace of mind and reassurance. You’ll know that your teen has one less thing to distract them while driving. Many apps are also coupled with other parent-friendly tools, including GPS tracking and monitoring. Help protect your children and others on the road by researching these text-blocking tools.

For some, responding to a phone, email, or text is automatic. That’s where a phone-guard app like this comes in. Now that you know some of the benefits, consider using an app like this to help keep your commute focused. With these apps in hand, you can take control of traveling. Ensure your safety, the safety of others and potentially prevent a personal injury or pedestrian accident by using one of these apps to help you make the right choice.

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Seeing your messages or an email minutes sooner never justifies putting people in danger of death and injury. If you must know the content of your messages immediately, opt for an app that reads your messages. No matter your strategy, make a commitment now to do everything you can to not text and drive, while helping others follow suit.

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