Best At Home Jobs After a Personal Injury in B.C.

After suffering a personal injury, many victims are forced to deal with long-lasting effects. You want to get up and perform everyday home jobs like make breakfast for your family, fix the leak in the kitchen sink, and go to work. Your injury, however, might prevent you from completing even those most basic of tasks.

If your injury has affected you to the point where you’re having trouble paying bills, due to a lack of being able to go in to work every day, perhaps it might be time for you to consider your work-from-home options. If your current employment does not allow you to work from home, all it takes is the right experience, passion, and an Internet connection, to find the right work and income you need from the following at home jobs.

Copy or Content Writer

If you’ve been blessed with the creative gene, you can put that to good use as a copy or content writer. When companies are looking to improve their websites, they need professional, interesting content. Your writing skills can provide that for them.

Tasks of copy and content writer positions include editing and revising existing content to make it even better, as well as creating original content where it is needed. This original content can come in the form of blogs, and webpage content, and tones can vary from serious and salesy, to upbeat and fun…it all depends on the audience you’re writing for. If you have the talent for writing interesting pieces for all sorts of different audiences, this is definitely a career choice to explore!

Freelance Editor

People who look into copy or content writer jobs should also consider editing. When you work as a freelance editor, you are also an independent contractor. You can work from home and create your own schedule. People might ask you to edit book chapters, speeches, blogs, websites, or articles.

As an editor, you’ll ensure the accuracy, clarity, and appeal of whatever you touch. If you want to learn more, the Editors’ Association of Canada gives useful insights into the profession.

Seasonal Tax Preparer

Large tax-preparation companies use at-home tax preparers to help during tax season. If you have experience in accounting, you can simply apply. If you don’t have that experience, you can take online courses. The costs for these courses vary, and they do not guarantee you a position later.

Online Teacher or Tutor

Schools have gone virtual. Many classrooms depend on online teachers, and you can take advantage of this trend. Online teachers need the same qualifications as traditional teachers. But you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home to teach a course online.

If you do not have that educational background, look for tutoring positions. As a freelance tutor, you will live-chat with students who need a little extra help with homework.

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists (MTs) transcribe doctors’ voice-recorded notes. These typed notes go into patients’ records and help other doctors understand necessary medical history. Many MTs go through certification for this position, but others receive on-the-job training.


If you are bilingual or a polyglot, you can easily work as a translator. As businesses go global, they need more and more translators. Freelance translators help companies avoid confusion over language barriers. Your tasks might include translating websites, documents, academic papers, or phone calls – all of which can be very intellectually stimulating.


If you love to draw, turn that hobby into a career. Thousands of authors need illustrations for their books, and they want to work with you. First, create a portfolio. When you get in touch with prospective authors, they’ll ask for your portfolio first. They want to see if you are a good “fit” for their book.

Once they see your portfolio and hire you, payment can vary. Most of the time, the author will pay you per piece. But you can also work out a one-time fee if that works better for you both.

Customer Service Home Jobs

When you call a company, you probably speak to someone in a call centre. Call centre employees usually work in traditional office settings, but some companies actually outsource to at-home workers. You simply need to enquire about this option with the companies you choose to submit a resume to.

As an at-home customer service representative, you answer questions and respond to complaints. You also log all interactions on the company’s computer system. Generally, companies do not have specific education requirements. Most companies will provide paid training. If you easily communicate with patience and friendliness on the phone, this might be the job for you.

Direct Salesperson

If you’re a salesperson at heart, you can use that skill at home. Direct sales mean that you meet one-on-one with clients.

Whether you want to sell internet services, security systems, clothing, or cosmetics, you can find a company that works for you. You can use the Direct Sellers Association of Canada as a good starting point.

Whatever at-home job interests you, don’t feel limited by your location. If you work online, you can work anywhere. Take the time to research companies. Who knows? You could find your next career from the comfort of your living room.

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