How to Drive Safe in Vancouver's Dangerous Intersections

Intersections are dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike. Lanes come together from different directions, and impatient drivers want to get through fast. This often results in car accidents, sometimes involving pedestrians.

Vancouver has a few risky intersections. One of these (the intersection at Knight Street and Marine Drive) makes the list of most dangerous intersections in all of Canada. This intersection has a particularly bad reputation for car crashes-hundreds of accidents happen there every year.

So what makes the Knight Street and Marine Drive intersection so dangerous? And how can you stay and drive safe when you drive through intersections every day?

What Makes the Knight Street/Marine Drive Intersection Dangerous

Knight Street is a major truck route in Vancouver. This means big, heavy trucks mix with regular cars on the Knight Street/Marine Drive exit. Trucks can impair visibility for other drivers in smaller cars. Also, trucks will likely cause more serious damage and injuries if they get into accidents.

Knight Street also has a speeding problem. Because the Knight Street Bridge is so long and straight, street racers find it attractive for high speed driving. Even regular commuters often drive too fast down the bridge.

The police in the area constantly try to bring down speeding. However, drivers at the King Street/Marine Drive intersection still drive fast in a very crowded place. Drivers often rear end other cars or collide with other vehicles while merging off the bridge.

This may sound intimidating, but even if you have to use the Knight Street/Marine Drive intersection every day, you can do your best to stay safe. Follow the guidelines below for safe driving in intersections and on busy roads.

Follow the Rules to Drive Safe

Most accidents in intersections happen when a driver breaks the rules of the road. When you drive through and around intersections, follow all driving rules. Signal properly and give enough notice for other drivers. Keep both hands on the wheel, and do not act impatient or drive aggressively.

If you do get in an accident and another driver was at fault, make sure you clearly explain your version of events to the police. This way they can put the details in their reports. You should not have to suffer because of another driver’s negligence.

Watch Out for Left-Hand Turns

Left-hand turns also pose different dangers. For example, not all lights will give you a turn signal. When they don’t, you have to watch the traffic light, yield to oncoming traffic, and look for pedestrians all at the same time.

Do not take risks with left-hand turns in busy intersections. Wait until you feel sure you can comfortably make it through the break i n oncoming traffic.

Do not start to turn until you do a final scan of the crosswalk either. You do not want to risk hitting a pedestrian, or being hit by another car if you have to stop suddenly for someone in the road.

Take Care During Rush Hour

A large percentage of car accidents in intersections happen during rush hour. You should exercise extra caution while you’re on the road between about 3:00pm and 6:00pm. The road will have more congestions, and other people have a tendency to drive impatiently because they want to go home sooner.

If possible, avoid busy intersections altogether during rush hour. Take back roads if you can to stay away from the worst of the traffic. If you can’t avoid all busy intersections, avoid the busiest and most dangerous ones.

Pay Attention

Distracted driving causes huge problems for people across the country. This is especially true now, when nearly everyone has a cell p hone on hand all the time.

However, you have more distractions than just your phone in your car. Anything that takes your hands, eyes, or mind off the road can cause you to lose focus. Eating, changing the station on the radio, or even daydreaming takes your attention away from driving.

Make a pledge never to look at your phone while driving. Texts can wait until you pull over or park. If you find yourself distracted by something else in your car, such as food or music, redirect your focus to the road.

Obey the Speed Limit

Speeding contributes to and even causes many accidents. The authorities put speed limits there for a reason: to keep us safe. Obey the posted limits and beware of drivers around you who don’t, and remember to drive safely (and even slower than usual) in poor weather conditions.

Look Carefully

Even when you pay attention while you drive, you can get in a crash if you don’t properly scan the road for pedestrians and cyclists.

Drivers can’t always see pedestrians right away. Make sure you look around every crosswalk before you go through it-and don’t forget to give cyclists on the road extra space. It is up to drivers to stay alert and do their part to prevent pedestrian personal injury accidents.

When you drive through busy intersections daily, you want to make sure you stay safe. If you follow good driving practices and look out for those around you, you can make it through intersections safely every day.

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