Safe Cycling and Injury Prevention


Cycling is a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get some sun, and stay active. But biking can be dangerous, and many cycling injuries each year turn the hobby into a hazard. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent injury and be safer while cycling. As one of the reputable firms of personal injury lawyers in Vancouver, we’d like to offer these tips.

Protection from Head to Toe

  • The most important safety precaution when cycling is wearing a helmet. Helmets reduce the possibility of head injury by a huge margin! To offer this high level of protection, a helmet should fit snugly and not move loosely from side to side.
  • If the sun is bright, wear sunglasses. Protecting your vision will help you stay alert. Wear sunscreen on bare skin to protect it against the sun’s rays.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. Keep in mind that biking is physical exercise, so you will likely work up a sweat and benefit from wearing lightweight clothing. Bright colors will make you more visible to drivers on the road.
  • Keep hydrated. Always bring a container or bottle of water with you, so you have a quick and easy drink when you need it.
  • Make use of lights and bells, if riding at dusk or later
  • You are required by law to have bells installed on your bicycle. An LED red light that blinks will help make you more visible at night
  • Look out for parked cars .Cyclists get hit by doors being opened when drivers are exiting their vehicles. Be aware of them.
  • Buy a rear view mirror
  • A rear view mirror can be attached to sunglasses, helmets or a bicycle depending on your preference.

Following Traffic Rules

  • When riding with traffic, the rules of the road also apply equally to bicycles. Take note of lane markings, lights and signs so that you can obey them properly.
  • Cycle with traffic—that means staying on the right side of the road. The Motor Vehicle Act requires cyclists to ride “as close as practicable” to the right of the road. It also says you must not ride side by side.
  • Although it is common for cyclists to pass a line of cars on the right, this is actually prohibited.  If you do this despite the prohibition, be extremely careful because if a car turns right and hits you, it will be your fault.

Biking in the summer is fun and healthy, but it can also be dangerous if you’re not careful. Your personal injury lawyer in Vancouver wants you to be aware and be safe—and have fun.

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