When Can You Drive Again After Brain Injury?

“When can I start driving again?” is one of the questions patients with brain injuries often ask their doctors post-injury.  The answer, unfortunately, is not simple, as each patient is different and every case is unique.

A brain injury can affect your vision, your thinking and perception, your physical abilities and your behavior including emotional control and good driving habits.  All of these are essential for you to drive safely.

Many people and agencies, including your doctor and brain injury lawyer, can be involved in deciding whether or not you can drive again.

The Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles (OSMV) is ultimately responsible for making this decision if you are allowed to drive.

By law, if your doctor has concerns about your ability to drive, your doctor must report those concerns to the OSMV.  However, the OSMV can also receive information from other medical professionals, family members, health care providers or even just concerned citizens.

If concerns about your driving are brought to the attention of the OSMV and the OSMV decides those concerns warrant action, the OSMV can require your doctor to do a driver medical examination and can require you to undergo a functional driving assessment and/or an ICBC road test.


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