Strategies to Assist Learning After Brain Injury


After a brain injury occurs, only a small portion of the treatment happens in the immediate post-accident moments. The bulk of treatment happens as you recover, which can be a gradual process. For many patients it is necessary to learn to do things all over again, especially in the case of traumatic brain injury. The strategies for learning after a brain injury will be determined by medical treatment professionals, and as a lawyer in Vancouver specializing in brain injury cases, we can help to make sure you have every opportunity for a full recovery.

A speech-language pathologist is often very helpful in helping patients suffering from brain injury to determine their specific issues with learning and communication. Once the learning problems have been isolated, the speech-language pathologist may work together with a physical therapist and/or other medical professionals to help design a treatment plan.

Patients often need to learn in a different way than they did prior to the injury. For example, it is common to be more easily distracted or to have reasoning and deductive confusion. A calm, quiet environment is often helpful during the learning process. Often a visual plan can help a patient to really understand what the learning goals are and how they can be achieved. Additionally, patients with brain injuries may find it helpful to do some puzzles or problem solving activities prescribed by their therapist while at home. Keeping the brain stimulated and engaged is important in helping it to re-learn actions.

As your lawyer in Vancouver, we are happy to work together with you, to make sure you get the care you deserve following a brain injury. Contact our offices to discuss your specific compensation rights and options.

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