Safety Tips for Skiers and Snowboarders

Our brain injury lawyers in Vancouver see plenty of serious injuries, some of them caused on the slopes. Sports like skiing and snowboarding present certain inherent dangers, but the chances of incurring an injury increase when safety protocol is not followed.



Learn how to ski or snowboard before you set out on your own. A qualified instructor will not only ensure you learn proper techniques, but will also teach you how to protect yourself.


Safety equipment protects you and others. Helmets protect your head. Goggles help you see. Wear them.


Get in shape before you hit the slopes. A body in poor physical condition is far more likely to be injured. Avoid any drugs or alcohol prior to engaging in these activities, as intoxication will increase your chances of sustaining injury, including brain injury.


The person higher up the mountain must yield the right of way to skiers or boarders below. Whether you are skiing or snowboarding, watch the slopes in front of you. If you start to overtake someone else, shout to let them know you are there. Move to one side to prevent a collision. Similarly, look both ways before moving across a slope that others might be using. Do not stop where you may not be seen by someone above you.

Keep Learning

If you haven’t skied or snowboarded in a while, it’s good idea to take a refresher course. Read posted signs carefully and ask questions when unsure.

If you have been injured on a ski slope by someone who was not being careful and you suspect you might have incurred a brain injury or serious orthopaedic injury, contact our brain injury lawyers in Vancouver.


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