Common Causes and Symptoms of Brain Damage

Our brain injury lawyers in Vancouver see brain damage caused in a number of ways.  Here are some of the most common.




Traumatic brain injury refers to brain damage caused by an external force. Car accidents are a common cause. Brain damage may result if the victim’s head comes into contact with a hard surface, such as the dashboard or window. However, brain injuries can also be caused by a severe shaking without contact to the head, such as whiplash. Sports accidents, slip-and-falls and violence can also cause this type of injury.


 Toxins/ Medical conditions


Brain injury can result from exposure to a particular substance, or by an unrelated medical condition. Some toxins and poisons cause brain damage when the victim is exposed to them. Chemicals used on certain job sites, for example, can affect the brain. Strokes, heart attacks and neurological diseases can also cause brain damage.


Lack of Oxygen


Another common cause of brain damage is any situation that restricts oxygen to the brain. Drowning and suffocation are two possibilities. When the brain does not receive sufficient oxygen, a condition known as cerebral hypoxia, the victim might succumb to a coma or even death.




The symptoms of brain injury are diverse and sometimes confusing, which is why it is so important to seek legal advice from our experienced brain injury lawyers in Vancouver. Loss of consciousness, visual impairment, slurred speech, personality changes and loss of motor function are all possible symptoms. So are memory difficulties, lack of concentration, irritability, headaches, fatigue and many others. Depression often accompanies brain injury.


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