Who is at Fault if Your Slip and Fall in Front of a Business on a City Sidewalk in BC?

If you get injured from a trip or slip and fall on the sidewalk in front of a local business, you may be wondering who is responsible – the business or the city. The Occupiers Liability Act governs all business and municipalities and makes the “occupier” of the premises responsible. Who is the “Occupier?” Sometimes identifying who the occupier is not obvious, but a personal injury lawyer Continue reading about Injury Law [...]

Can You Be Held Responsible for Distracted Walking in British Columbia?

While Toronto City Council has passed a motion to encourage regulation of distracted walking, reports indicate that the BC Ministry of Transportation is not going down the same road. The Ministry of Transportation has declined to weigh in on the issue. Pedestrian advocates argue that “at the gentle speed of a normal walking pace, we can afford to multitask, while at higher speeds, we can’t”. Continue reading about Injury Law [...]

Right Turns and Cyclists: Who Has the Right of Way in Surrey?

When the weather improves we will see more bicycles on the roadways. As the days get warmer and longer, cycling is an efficient, environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to the regular commute. Vancouver and Surrey BC lawyers hear of many cycling accidents each year. For both cyclists and drivers, sharing the road can be challenging when the lanes are narrow and a cyclist is moving at a Continue reading about Injury Law [...]

Who is at Fault in a Left Turn Collision in an Intersection?

In a left turn situation, if a collision occurs at an intersection where there is a traffic light, which driver is liable in Vancouver B.C.? It depends upon the colour of the traffic light. If the light is green for both drivers, in almost every case the left turning driver will be found liable. In another situation, if the left turning driver entered the intersection while the light was green and Continue reading about Injury Law [...]