Slip and Fall Lawyers

In Vancouver, personal injury lawyers will see many different types of claims, but some are more common than others. One common type of accident claim is known as a “slip and fall” and often occurs when the property has not been properly maintained. Injuries on property share some common characteristics.

These injuries can be caused by many factors, such as slippery conditions on the floor caused by ice, snow, water, or a spill. Inadequate lighting or inadequate warning of conditions can make it hard for the victim to see danger—for example, when the elevation of the floor changes suddenly. Regardless of the cause, you should contact a Vancouver personal injury lawyer to help you investigate the situation. These cases can be hard to win on your own and not all injuries on property are compensable. A lawyer can advise you whether your case is winnable and help you collect the information and proof you need.

Stores and other properties are required to be reasonably safe for its users, but reasonably safe does not mean perfectly safe. To be held responsible for an injury on property, the owner or manager must have demonstrated negligence—which can be shown to have caused the injury. A personal injury lawyer in Vancouver can help you determine if this is the case. Together, we can determine if the responsible party:

  • failed to address a problem which would not be unreasonably expensive or difficult to fix
  • ignored responsibility to maintain the property, which caused the injury
  • failed to take reasonable steps to avoid a foreseeable accident
  • put up sign or provided any other warning of the hazard

These cases can be extremely difficult to win on your own. If you hire a trusted, experienced attorney, your chances of receiving fair compensation for your injuries are greatly improved. Don’t leave your claim to chance! Call an expert on personal injury today to discuss your case.