The Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Dealing with ICBC

Not Seeing a Lawyer First

One of the biggest mistakes people make is going to see ICBC before they see a lawyer. View »

Signing Documents for ICBC

ICBC is not necessarily entitled to full access to all your employment and medical information. View »

Facebook Postings

Why it's a big mistake to post personal information on Facebook after being in a car accident. View »

Thinking the Adjuster is on Your Side

Is the ICBC adjuster assigned to your case really "your" adjuster? View »

Not Knowing Limitation Dates

Not know important dates connected to your accident can have serious consequences including losing the right to make a claim altogether. View »

Not Being Truthful

Lying to ICBC (or your lawyer) will come back to hurt you. View »

Not Keeping Receipts

Why you need to keep receipts. View »

Not Following Medical Advice

Reasons why it's important to follow you doctor's advice. View »

Settling too Early

Why it's a big mistake to settle too early. View »

Insuring your Vehicle Improperly

The are considerable financial risks if you elect not to insure your vehicle properly. View »

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