Right Turns and Cyclists: Who Has the Right of Way in Surrey?

When the weather improves we will see more bicycles on the roadways. As the days get warmer and longer, cycling is an efficient, environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to the regular commute. Vancouver and Surrey BC lawyers hear of many cycling accidents each year. For both cyclists and drivers, sharing the road can be challenging when the lanes are narrow and a cyclist is moving at a Continue reading about Injury Law [...]

Increasing Pedestrian Safety in Vancouver

Summer is coming to an end, but for those with children this can be an exciting time as students head back to school this September. For B.C. drivers, this means we are sharing the road with more pedestrians, as many more children are out and about walking to and from school. According to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), on average 290 children aged five to eighteen are injured Continue reading about Injury Law [...]

Are You Entitled to a Rental Car If Your Car is Getting Repaired After an Auto Accident in B.C.?

Most motor vehicle accidents create enough damage that auto repair is needed, which leaves you requiring an alternate form of transportation the interim. Already consumed with the stress of the motor vehicle accident, you need to consider how you will get to medical appointments, get groceries, and get to work or school if you are able to attend. This disruption from the accident is minimized if you Continue reading about Injury Law [...]

Best At Home Jobs After a Personal Injury in B.C.

After suffering a personal injury, many victims are forced to deal with long-lasting effects. You want to get up and perform everyday home jobs like make breakfast for your family, fix the leak in the kitchen sink, and go to work. Your injury, however, might prevent you from completing even those most basic of tasks. If your injury has affected you to the point where you’re having trouble paying Continue reading about Injury Law [...]

What is the Seatbelt Defense in B.C.?

Sometimes in motor vehicle accident cases, the Defendant will argue that the injured parties’ injuries would not have been so severe if the injured party had been wearing a seatbelt.  If this argument succeeds, then the Court will reduce the Plaintiff’s damages by some percentage.  A common reduction is 25 percent.  In other words, if the Plaintiff’s injuries would have been worth $100,000 Continue reading about Injury Law [...]

Don’t Let Your Mobile Phone Distract You: Safe Driving in BC

To increase their efforts to contain the number one killer on the roads, local police in York and Toronto are focusing on distracted driving for the next six weeks. During this Distracted Driving Blitz, which began on July 29, 2014, police from these two major cities will be making an even greater effort to keep drivers away from their mobile devices while on the road. Why are officers in these Continue reading about Injury Law [...]

Bicycle Traffic Laws Explained

Is it legal for a bicycle rider to pass cars stopped in a line of traffic to the right of those cars? The answer is maybe not. This is a common maneuver that one can see almost any day there are bicycle riders, especially in the summer. However, surprisingly, it may be not allowed. In a difficult case recently heard in our Court of Appeal, a bicycle rider was lawfully riding in the curb lane but had Continue reading about Injury Law [...]

Accidents in a Rental Car

An accident in a rental car can be concerning as different insurance issues can arise. It is important to discuss the rental agreement with your car accident lawyers in Vancouver. There can be different insurance coverage amounts that should be investigated and confirmed. As in any accident, you should first check to see if anyone is injured and call 911 if there are any injuries. Exchange information Continue reading about Injury Law [...]

Teen car accidents

In the driving world, teenagers have many factors working against them. Even when road conditions are ideal and other drivers are paying attention, accidents happen. As car accident lawyers in Vancouver, we suggest taking the following precautions. Limit distractions. Put away the cell phones, don’t worry about your music, and focus on the road. Many automobile accidents are caused each year Continue reading about Injury Law [...]

Have questions dealing with Motorcycle Accidents

If you ride a motorcycle, you know they not only offer a fraction of the protection cars do, they are also smaller and harder for other vehicles on the road to see. This greatly increases the odds that if you end up in an accident, you will suffer serious injuries. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, or know someone who has, you or they may want to look into hiring car accident Continue reading about Injury Law [...]