What Are The Benefits Of Having A Camera on Your Motorcycle Helmet? Are They Even Safe?

As the quality improves, helmet cameras are fast becoming a popular addition to motorcycle helmets for evidence in the event of a car accident. There is no law against using a Helmet Cam, but if you choose to use one, it must be secured to a helmet that meets DOT, Snell or ECE safety standards in British Columbia. Failure to meet helmet safety requirements can result in a fine and seizure of any non-compliant Continue reading about Injury Law [...]

Have questions dealing with Motorcycle Accidents

If you ride a motorcycle, you know they not only offer a fraction of the protection cars do, they are also smaller and harder for other vehicles on the road to see. This greatly increases the odds that if you end up in an accident, you will suffer serious injuries. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, or know someone who has, you or they may want to look into hiring car accident Continue reading about Injury Law [...]

Need help with a Motorcycle Accident?

According to statistics the majority of multiple vehicle accidents that involve a motorcycle are not the motorcyclist’s fault. Motorcyclists can take precautions to avoid accidents. Taking an approved safety course and driving defensively won’t prevent an accident but will lower the risk. If an accident should happen to you, we recommend the following steps: Make sure everyone is all right. Continue reading about Injury Law [...]