Best At Home Jobs After a Personal Injury in B.C.

After suffering a personal injury, many victims are forced to deal with long-lasting effects. You want to get up and perform everyday home jobs like make breakfast for your family, fix the leak in the kitchen sink, and go to work. Your injury, however, might prevent you from completing even those most basic of tasks. If your injury has affected you to the point where you’re having trouble paying Continue reading about Injury Law [...]

What is the Seatbelt Defense in B.C.?

Sometimes in motor vehicle accident cases, the Defendant will argue that the injured parties’ injuries would not have been so severe if the injured party had been wearing a seatbelt.  If this argument succeeds, then the Court will reduce the Plaintiff’s damages by some percentage.  A common reduction is 25 percent.  In other words, if the Plaintiff’s injuries would have been worth $100,000 Continue reading about Injury Law [...]