How to Drive Safe in Vancouver’s Dangerous Intersections

Intersections are dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike. Lanes come together from different directions, and impatient drivers want to get through fast. This often results in car accidents, sometimes involving pedestrians. Vancouver has a few risky intersections. One of these (the intersection at Knight Street and Marine Drive) makes the list of most dangerous intersections in all of Canada. Continue reading about Injury Law [...]

Why Every Road Cyclist Should Invest in a Helmet Cam

When cars and bicyclists get into accidents, drivers often blame the cyclists. However, many studies have shown that the cyclists don't usually cause these dangerous situations. While cyclists can cause accidents, drivers are at fault over half the time. If you ride a bike to work every day around lots of cars and trucks, reckless drivers can injure you. Even cautious cyclists have to watch out Continue reading about Injury Law [...]